Boarding/Leasing   (All Boarding and Leasing is subject to 7% N.J. Sales Tax)               All Riders at Okey Doke are required to wear helmets as well as boots or close toe shoes this is not optional.                                        



Self Care field board

Rent of a field: you provide hay and grain and tend to   your horses and field.

$200.00 Including Tax pr mo/ pr horse


Full Care Field Board:   $350.00 per month includes grain  and hay.  Horses are housed in field with 20 x 20 shelter.  Stall  fed in barn.  


We have tack room space available free of charge however we are NOT responsible for any damaged or missing items 

Lease:  300.00 Tax Included pr Mo/Pr horse

We have several horses available for month to month Lease :  

 This is an on farm lease, horse  is property of Okey Doke Ranch and CAN NOT be taken off property with out permission from Ranch Owner.

*  Helmet is required when riding a lease.  

Tack is not provided by farm for Lease.

Lease :   Owner of the lease agreement can ride horse on property  during normal farm business hrs /Farm owners will provide the horse with Grain, Hay,  yearly shots, Farrier ,Dental and General Health Care needs. In the event that a leased horses is injured due to carelessness on the leasers behalf, he/she will be held responsible  for  Any vet bill